Questionnaire Survey 問卷調查


問卷 (中文版本) 201603010 Questionnaire (Ch) FINAL



為了解香港社會對此等機制的需求,香港大學法律學院聯同監護制度及財產管理關注組*誠邀您參加問卷調查,並於 2016 年 5月 28日前交回問卷。閣下可以:

  • 從本網站下載問卷,於填妥後交到你所屬的機構,或電郵至 ,或郵寄香港大學法律學院[註明:特殊需要信託]。以上的網站和面書也包含適用於特殊需要人士的財產管理機制和相關活動的資料。

為免重複點算,請智障人士的主要照顧者只為每一位家庭中的智障人士填寫一份問卷。我們非常感謝閣下協助是次調查。如有任何疑問,請電郵至 聯絡李穎芝副教授或何錦璇教授。

香港大學法律學院 李穎芝、何錦璇


*附註: 「監護制度及財產管理關注組」是一個由智障人士家長以及照顧者發起的小組,關注現時香港成人監護制度的漏洞,並爭取完善相關制度及政策,小組期望能有一個更完善的監護制度出現,讓智障人士在個人照顧或財產管理方面能夠得到更妥善的安排。



Ascertaining the need for special needs trusts in Hong Kong 

Questionnaire (English version) 20160310 Questionnaire (Eng) FINAL

Dear Parents / Caregivers of Persons with Intellectual Disability,

As parents or caregivers of persons with intellectual disabilities are getting old, the need for a safe and reliable mechanism of financial management of their assets has become imminent, so that their assets can continue to be employed to look after their dependents after their death. The government has also announced in the Chief Executive’s policy address 2016 that the Labour and Welfare Bureau will establish a working group to explore the feasibility of establishing a public trust.

To ascertain the needs and demands for such mechanisms in Hong Kong, the Faculty of Law of the University of Hong Kong and the Concern Group of Guardianship System and Financial Affairs* sincerely invite you to complete a questionnaire survey before 28 May 2016 . You may:

  • click the link below and complete and submit the questionnaire online:; or

  • download the questionnaire from this website, and return the completed questionnaire by email ( or by mail to the Faculty of Law, The University of Hong Kong, Cheng Yu Tung Tower, Centennial Campus, Pokfulam Road, Hong Kong [Attn: Special Needs Trust]. Information about the financial planning mechanisms available to persons with intellectual disabilities and other related events are also available from the above website and Facebook page.

In order to avoid double-counting, we would like to invite the main caregiver to only fill up one copy of the questionnaire for each dependent with intellectual disability that you or your family are looking after. We appreciate your help in completing this survey. If you have any questions, you may contact Rebecca Lee or Lusina Ho of HKU Law at

Rebecca Lee & Lusina Ho, Faculty of Law, The University of Hong Kong

Concern Group of Guardianship System and Financial Affairs

*NB: The Concern Group of Guardianship System and Financial Affairs is established by a group of parents and caretakers of persons with intellectual disability. Its mission is to strive for a better adult guardianship system through examining its current weaknesses and seeking for improvements of the policies and institutions pertaining to adult guardianship. It is hoped that these efforts will enhance personal care and financial management arrangements for individuals with intellectual disability in Hong Kong.



Disclaimer: The information available on this website is for preliminary reference only and should NOT be considered as legal advice. You should consult your own lawyer if you want to obtain further information or legal assistance concerning any specific legal matter.


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